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Please make sure to consult a physician prior to trying any workout routine so you are cleared to workout.

Workout #1

Warm up with some form of cardio for 5min (running, walking, jump rope, elliptical, bike, etc). Go through and do all #1, then cardio for another 5min, then round #2, cardio 5min and round #3 and last 5min of cardio or longer if you have time.


  1. walking lunges
  2. kick n goes
  3. double dip walking lunges


  1. dips
  2. ip lock lift
  3. dip with one leg up, then the other (20/20)


  1. sit ups
  2. sit ups side to side
  3. all three angles


  1. push ups
  2. push up to plank
  3. push up with shoulder tap

Workout #2

Speed walk and/or run 20-30min

30 walking lunges (15 out, 15 back)

15 push ups

30 close leg squats

25 dips

40 alternating pop ups

30 sit ups all three angles

30 alternating side lunges

Repeat exercises 3x

Workout #3

Jump rope 3-5min steady pace

10 push ups

15 sit ups

20 dips off bench, chair (something stable) or ground

25 leg raises

Jump rope 1min fast pace

15 push ups

20 sit ups

25 dips

30 leg raises

Jump rope 1min fast pace

20 push ups

25 sit ups

30 dips

35 leg raises

Jump rope steady for 3-5min