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Class Schedule

If you’ve been in an exercise rut and need a jump start on your fitness program, it’s time to get up, sign up and head out to Pure Intensity. Our classes feature strength, cardiovascular and flexibility training. Soon you will run or walk faster and farther, perfect the plank pose, crank out push-ups and sit-ups and lunge long and low up hills.

    What to Expect:

  • M/W/F
  • An outdoor boot camp style workout
  • Intense conditioning
  • Sweating
  • Fun
  • Pushing yourself to the limit
  • It's an hour you will carry with you all day!

    What to Bring:

  • Weights- 5lb to 12lb
  • Water
  • Mat/Towel
  • Fitness Shoes
  • Good attitude
  • Reflective Gear (5:30am class)

Sample Workouts

Upper/Lower Body:

  • Warm up/Run/Walk
  • Stretch
  • Core Workout
  • 10 hills- 5 forward, 5 backward
  • Walking lunges up the hill
  • Push ups/Dips
  • Stretch
  • Warm up//Run/Walk
  • Stretch
  • Core workout
  • Push-ups/Dips
  • Run/Walk/Jump rope
  • Bicep curls/Shoulder presses
  • Stretch

Pure Intensity Class Locations

Little Flower
Massachusetts Ave.,
Bethesda, MD

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    Norwood Park
    Norwood Rd. and Wisconsin Ave.,
    Bethesda, MD

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Pure Intensity Class Schedule




Workout Type

Arms/Legs/Cardio Arms/Legs/Cardio Arms/Legs/Cardio

Class I


Class II


Weekend and travel workouts upon request

Class Fees

Initiation: $140 -

Goal development and personal fitness assessment consultation upon request.

Monthly: $90 -

Any of the 6 classes offered per week and weekend or travel fitness homework upon request.

Personal Training Fees

Personal Training: $90/hr

Corporate Fees

Varies per program, email for details.

Call 301.706.2500 or email to customize a program for your office.

Payment Methods: Visa, Mastercard, Check, Cash

To find out about group fitness packages, contact